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The Firm

Established in 2005, MnO Architects is a design firm for whom creativity is a way of life. The primary aim is towards experimentation at achieving the fine balance of aesthetics, sustainability, economics and functionality that is a key to any good design.


The firm MnO Architects is not about individuals but about a collective pool of knowledge and experience. The firm has combined experience of over five decades in the fields of Planning, Architecture, Interiors, Exhibition and Environmental consultancy.


Designers at MnO Architects do not conform to any stylized solutions and treat each project as a unique opportunity. Multidisciplinary approach is encouraged to deliver an integrated design. The design studio works hand in glove with our execution services. Together we provide design consultancy as well as turn key solutions for all the above mentioned services.


Partners at MnO Architects are founders of Multidisciplinary Think Tank called PLURAL

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