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Aakar Pot Art | Artist Village

An established potter in Indapur had a vision of establishing an eco sensitive Artist’s colony on a 6.5 acre land surrounded by river on three sides. During monsoons the river would take a shortcut making the land into an island.


The land was a wilderness with precious flora and fauna and the vision was to intervene minimally and plan dormitories, detached housing, workshops, kilns, amphitheatre etc that would make a self sufficient artist’s village.


The site is approaced on foot and there was no existing vehicular road. Keeping this in mind the architecture was also envisioned to be designed by materials available locally on the site. Teak wood trees and bamboo was planted as phase one to be used as building materials in the future. The entire village was to be a zero waste village.



Location: Indapur, Maharashtra


Commission: 2009


Area:  6.5 Acres

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