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Shah Residence

The brief from the client was to create a haven from the marble factory to an environment where he could spend time with his kids, grandkids and great grand kids where his friends and  family from all over india and abroad cold come to spend quality family time together.


A program was developed for an adaptive reuse of the existing bungalow and marble factory shed and continuing the architectural language with insersion of connecting walls that would provide strong visual axis that connects diffirent programs like a 'derasar' and prayer room,  a fulll fleged office space, indoor and out door recreational spaces, servant quarters and considering it was located in a hot and dry climate in the middle of Gujurat, water bodies were introduced to increase humidity and thereby reduce tempreature.


Keeping climatology in mind, a winter and summer garden along with an amphitheater and a feilds to grow vegetables making living sustainable and organic going with the tenants of jainism that the client staunchly believed in.



Location: Patan, Gujurat


Commission: 2009


Completed: 2012


Area:  8 acres, | 30,3000 sft  builtup

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