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A stone jali and pergolas shade the entrance, community and public spaces

The stone jali brings in diffused lighting and cuts down on solar heat gain through radiation

Strategic accent lighting creates mood and warm ambience

The north facade opens up as a large window A strong mural along the stair leads you visually upward

The challenge was to break the idea of a typical row house being regimental and repeatitive

A series of mass / void / semi open jalis create a visually intricate balance that is unlike a row house prototype

Series of terraces and masses build up an interesting façade and shade the critical spaces from the harsh climate

The row houses are mirrored creating a larger mass to void ratio

Two row houses come together to create a common large community space at the entrance

Two row houses come together to create visually large mass which balances out the voids for the entrances

R. Jain Developers

What makes a row house a row house. Is it the visually repetive facade, the common walls between houses that provide thermal mass and prevent heat readiation in a hot and dry climate or is it the linear organization of spaces along its depth.

The challenges of this project was to question the appropriateness of housing typology in todays day and time. 

Location: Malwara, Gujurat


Status: Ongoing

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